Friday, December 31

In the 12 months of 2010 ...

... January -We lost our Small.
February - We grew Zombie tomatoes.
March - We lost a constant companion.
April - We brought home a tiny, tiny Siamese Tiger, and met a tiny Poss.
May - I cooked in plastic and we experienced genuine middle-class crime.
June - I had a pretty fabulous birthday and brought home a dinosaur steak.
July - We went truffle hunting and met one of the neighbours.
August - We met a virtual friend in meat-space for high tea, dug up a path and celebrated another birthday. And I got pinged for Jury Duty.
September - I pickled cumquats and we painted the Brown Mouse House.
October - Mr Brown became Master of the Universe and I worried about bees.
November - I celebrated purple, got early release from Jury Duty and we gave the Brown Mouse House a new path.
December - I cooked rabbit and duck and finally became a mad cat lady. I also killed the stove but Mr Brown saved the day.
Happy New Year, roll on 2011.


Zoomie said...

It's been fun reading about all your adventures and watching the Tiger (Tigger) grow. Keep it coming and Happy New Year!

cookiecrumb said...

Happy New Year, Brown Mouse Household!

Pink Granite said...

Some high highs and some low lows.
Wishing you and Mr. B all good things in 2011...

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Hippo Gnu Deer to you all, onwards for bigger and better!

e said...

An excellent year, except for the losses, but you and Mr. Brown did great. Loved the wrap-up!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E, thanks, still sad about the Small but otherwise, not too bad a year really.