Wednesday, September 22

Cumquats in brandy ...

... there is one thing I can tell you about Jury Duty, some of the folk are the nicest folk.
One chap mentioned he had a cumquat tree, I shared a memory of my grandmother's cumquats in brandy. The next day he presented me with a huge bag of freshly picked cumquats.Despite the dire warnings of one of my twerps (apparently accepting cumquats from strangers is tantamount to accepting sweeties from strangers), I determined to spend my day off (there were a number of legal matters to be determined that did not require the presence of the jury, advised Mr Judge) to whomp up some cumquats in brandy.
A bottle of brandy was procured, sugar decanted (though not the 500g suggested) and cumquats washed ... ... and pricked.And bingo, now all we have to do is wait ... 6 months!


Urban Koda said...

When I read about you poking the little fella's on twitter, I just assumed you had used a fork. Far more impressed that it was simply a large pin.

Sounds like they might be quite delicious!

cookiecrumb said...

This is a big deal! Brava.

(In the US, we spell it kumquat. We must be leery of the sexual connotations, yeah?)

S said...

and then eat them squished on fancy vanilla ice cream...YUM!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

UK - a fork would be too big for the poor little fellas!
Cookie, it's your Puritan stock :)
S - yes, or just squished and served with pure Jersey cream mmmmm

Sue said...

Oh my... We also call them Kumquats, but I thought it was an Afrikaans (Dutch) thing. Look delicious - can we come for dessert in 6 months time then?

Sue x