Thursday, August 19

Today is Mr Brown's Birthday ...

... He is ancient, elderly and prone to gout. So of course, I fed him oysters as a first course for his actual* birthday dinner.Because It was his birthday I let him open his birthday oysters himself.Rest assured, the shells have already been added to his midden.The second course was a lovely rack of lamb with crispy 'tatos and some nice fresh peas, still in their cases. I suspect this is the last of the good peas for the season. It was already too warm to wear a jacket to and from work today.Gifts? I'm glad you asked.
First off a wee dome for his grandfather's silver pocket watch. A watch I polished by hand this very morning, after Mr Brown left at the crack of sparrows' fart for Canberra for a meeting. I'm soooooo sneaky!
And then the big one. A mypressi TWIST for my own special coffee fiend. Because, really, you can't have too many coffee machines, can you!?
I also got him, with the aid and abbetance of my sister and her spouse, a Nespresso Aeroccio Automatic Milk Frother, because FrancisFrancisis slowly running out of steam. (This was uber norty sneaking on our parts because, apparently, you're not supposed to have one of these clever milky drink assistance machines unless you buy one of their coffee machines too - HA. Not only am I sneaky but I'm related to sneaks!) Socks and jocks were also proffered, because it just isn't a birthday if you don't get new underdacs!
In other news, I've been on Jury Duty as of Wednesday and will be, apparently, for the next 14 weeks. So far ... dull. I'll be out for Summer.

* Actual because the fancy-pants special birthday dinner has been scheduled to allow for hangovers the next day.


Pink Granite said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Brown!!!
Wow, you guys sure know how to celebrate a birthday!

Now, about jury duty - is that a typo? 14 WEEKS?
Are you seated on a grand jury?
Does that mean you are off work?
Details please, I'm fascinated!

cookiecrumb said...

Could this be an "ends in -eth" birthday? Zero thingy?
HB, big friend. Good coffee toy.

e said...

Wooooowwww! Mr. Brown is a special old man, indeed. Well done, Ms. Mouse, you're very inspiring in the gift/taking care of/loving department.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, 14 weeks indeed, yes I am "off" work and no other details allowed *sigh*
Cookie, not an 0 one, a 6 one, coffee toys tested already :)
E, I do my best - whhheeee

Pink Granite said...

Wow, 14 weeks!
I'm scheduled for ONE day in September (but I have to be prepared for longer if need be).

My Mom served on a Grand Jury in Rhode Island years ago. Her service lasted for months, but she did not have to report every day.

It is so fascinating to see how all of our jury systems descended from the British, but vary so widely. Over here, that includes all 50 states - oy!
Good luck!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, we don't do Grand Jury, I've no idea what that is! I'm on a criminal trial in the District Court. Here you go, in case you're interested

S said...

so who is paying you?
the big girl made mr brown a gift but i have to wait for the next actual express post day or they will melt x

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S - work pays me. It's the same Government afterall :) We got some orange fish coasters with the sneaky jug you posted down, want them back?
O, I'll tell him to expect a parcel!

Pink Granite said...


Grand Juries date back to 12th century England, but they are now rare. Grand Juries are presented with evidence and, with sufficient cause, issue indictments. They can work on many cases for the period of time they are convened.

A civil or criminal Trial Jury (sometimes called Petit Jury) serves for just one case.

Reporting for jury duty means we show up for the specified number of days and may or may not be seated on a jury. If we are seated, then we serve for the duration of the trial.

Good luck...

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I'm on a single case. Being called up for Jury Duty is the same here it seems and, because I've been on a Jury, won't get popped in the callup ballot again for 12 months.