Sunday, August 15

Mr Brown being all manly man man ....

... Our nice (but terribly motivated never still for a minute ) neighbours are pulling down and replacing their front fence this weekend. We were having a chat about our painting plans (at LAST, but something we'd probably never get around to if they hadn't suggested it) and Mrs Neighbour told me how the front path was also coming up and how Mr Neighbour had found a tile place that could match the nice tiles on the porch."Oooo" said I. "We are going to do that, one day.
"Why don't you get the same tiler to do yours, same time as ours," suggested Mrs Neighbour.
"Ah, well, Mr Brown would have to dig up the path first, I've been suggesting it for years. I've a few more years of gentle suggesting to go yet".
"Hey, dig it up this weekend, while we have the skip," said Mr Neighbour.
Mr Brown pulled a face, but I think he saw the writing on the wall.
And so this morning, after a hearty breakfast, he donned his work boots (swoon) and some old clothes and ... ... up it came. Jebers it was thick cement, clearly just dumped on top of the old tile path. Which I suspect was rather nice (sigh).Behold the strata of dodgy home-renovation history. I love a motivated neighbour, me!
EDITED to add - and so a storm rolls in from the sea .... I've always wanted a pond - hmmmmm.


Pink Granite said...

LOVE the tiles!
Congrats to you and Mr. Brown on making soooo much progress!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, the tiles are original and I love them too. One day (hahahahaaa) my bathroom is going to have those tiles too!
O, I broke poor Mr Brown, off to heat a wheat bag.

S said...

Yay! for the neighbours and sunday digging...not for his broken bits x

Zoomie said...

That's manly work indeed! Can't wait to see the finished product - it will be beautiful!

BTW, I have a neighbor like that, too, one who is always suggesting serious work projects for us to do on our house! Where do they find the nerve?

cookiecrumb said...

Wheat bag? You hippies.

cookiecrumb said...

Could I borrow the bloke?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, these neighbours are just letting us tag along with all their hard work, not really suggesting we're messy or need to do the work.
I'm so lazy I never get around to organising anything like this, I love that they do :)
They are the neighbours who mow our "lawn" though, so perhaps they are subtly getting us to look nicer :)
Cookie, the wheat bag is Small's, we got it to warm her poor old arthritic hips, back in the day.
O, and no, I don't share well :)

e said...

Excitement! Can't wait to see the new path. And well done Mr. Brown.