Sunday, September 19

After ...

... it's all turned out rather nicely, the 'ironstone grey' looks a rather fetching dark blue in some lights. I'm quite taken with how nicely the front gate came up. All in all, rather fetching. The windows were a little difficult, it turned out the security screen is welded on. Mr Brown will have to practice some fine motor skills with a tiny brush to finish that off.And the front door turned out so well we've decided to keep it. With new glass of course.It's going to be lovely, sitting out here this summer, sipping wine and watching the dragon flies flit about. I'm happy, Mr Brown is happy and Mrs Neighbour is thrilled.
And now, negotiations over tiles for the front path. Apparently an exact copy of the porch tiles is "too expensive".
"Expensive?" Yes indeedy. "Too?" Well, for me not so much. Mr Brown winces, but will let me have my way since he doesn't care enough. Mr and Mrs Neighbour are looking for acceptable alternatives. We shall see.


S said...

surely your porch tiles don't have to be the same? are they planning to murder you in your sleep and knock out the adjoining wall or something?

Zoomie said...

Very, very nice. Love the style of the gate. Mrs Nosy Neighbor has good taste. :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Noice job! Love, love the door. Can't wait for the new glass.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S - noooo, that's MY plan :)
No, the path tiles don't have to be the same but I get the feeling she's very keen they do.
Still, over a steak & a glass of excellent red Mr Brown & I have agreed to have our path tiles the way we want, that is, matching the porch!
Zoomie, ta, I've always liked the gate, even when it was ratty.
Cookie, Mr Brown has been given very specific instructions, pineapple if at all possible please, and blame it on "the wife" :)

Pink Granite said...

Looks all fresh and inviting.
And totally go for yourtiles!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, Mr Brown & I are building up our argument in favour of not matching the paths - he's willing embroider the truth (windfall from obliging parents) so they don't feel bad about our spendthrift-ness ;)

Pink Granite said...

Good plan!
Any chance that the tile people will give a discount if you both order the more expensive/authentic tiles?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I suspect not, but don't care. I've worked myself up to a really, really want state and so ... it will be ;)