Saturday, January 1

Resolutions ....

... so, how did I go with last years? Let's see.
Declutter - Umm, no not really, not until this Thursday actually. Behold, the debris of my decluttered wardrobe & drawers.Move a bit - A bit, until I broke my back.
Less booze - Hahahahahahahahahaaa! No.
More fruit - Sadly, unless you count pickled pears, no.
Fix things - Well, we got new windows, painted the house and redid the front path, that counts. More to come on that front in 2011.
As for this year, here you go (clickie to enbiggen).


cookiecrumb said...

I resolve to make no resolutions.
(Wait, does that even work?)

Pink Granite said...

Here's to all that went well and all that will go well in 2011!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, no, I don't think it does ;)
Lee, indeedy!