Tuesday, August 24

So, Jury Duty ...

... obviously I can't tell you any of the juicy details, mainly because there aren't any, but also because I'd get into terrible trouble with the jury police for talking about the trial outside the jury room and with persons other than my fellow jurors! Apparently they could take me outside and shoot me for that.
I can tell you it's a bit like a holiday. There's the 10 am start! There's the full hour lunch, 1pm on the dot EVERY DAY! There's the breaks for morning AND afternoon tea. There's the 4pm on the DOT end of the day. O, and then there's the 1pm end of the day EVERY Friday. POETS* day, every Friday - Bliss! And work pays me, my usual rate HA.
The food provided is fucking awful, really, really bad. I know I'm fussy but honestly, it's appalling. I take my own.
The Jury room is small and ugly, but we get a balcony, which will be nice when it warms up.
The trial is dull, repetitive and not at all juicy. I'm glad it's not a horrible murder, rape of something beastly to children or animals. I'm not at all sure I'd cope with that.
My fellow jurors? Some seem quite nice and some ... well let's just say I'm not planning on breaking the law anytime soon, a Jury trial by my peers is a terrifying thought**.

* O go on, you can work it out I'm sure.
** Why yes, I am a bit of a snob, for good reason I assure you.


e said...

I supposed it's a good thing that the trial is ho-hum, though a good murder trial can't be beat. Think of the blogging after it's all done!

Pink Granite said...

POETS - that was a new one!
It required Googling, but I found it.

I'm glad you are enjoying parts of the experience.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E, I didn't want the nightmares.
Lee, it's the perfect term for it I think:)

Sue said...

WOW! I've never 'met' a juror before. How exciting, even if it is a boring trial. Will we be able to hear all about it once it's over? We don't get called up for jury duty here. At least I hope not. I'm not sure who does it, actually...

Also had to look up 'POETS', love it!

Enjoy the weekend X

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sue, welcome back :) And worry not, I'll tell ALL once it's all over !

Zee Poodle said...

Jury duty - how tres excitement! Even if it is awfully dull, I still think it is exciting to be asked and to attend. I do hope there are no cigar smokers who clog up the balcony air tho as it would be swell to breathe in some fresh air after being cooped up in the little jury room all day.

Yes, yes, we need details when the whole thing is over.

Have you seen the flick, Runaway Jury? Oo er, Ms Mouse. It's t'riffic - an oldie, but quite the goodie.