Tuesday, November 23

So, I'm free at last ...

... but feeling rather flat about it.
I've been sent home, dismissed, superfluous to requirements.
Yep, turns out only 12 jurors get to make that final, fateful decision, so they had a ballot to see which 12 that would be. My number was not pulled out of the box and home I was sent.
Mr Judge was very sweet, thanked me and all that, said I shouldn't feel my time has been wasted just because I don't get to make the decision.
But fuck, seriously, 70 days, over 3 months of my life has been spent on this jury. Interminable days of nitpicking evidence. Immeasurable days of summing up and then even more spent summing up the summaries! AND I DON'T GET TO MAKE A DECISION. Hell, I don't even get to know the decision, unless it's published in the newspaper or some obscure legal site.

However, bright side and all that, we do have a lovely new front path!Laid this very morning. I'm so very glad we stood our ground and went with the full pattern, well worth the cost I say.
Apparently, the furry girls kept a couple of supervisory eyes on things while I was out.That is all.


Stomper Girl said...

Wow, that does sound very frustrating, however glad you are to get your life back.

Zoomie said...

Lovely path - you were correct. Lovely cats, too. They make me long for one of my own, but my Cora, for all her strengths, counts cat chasing among her rights.

cookiecrumb said...

Did you know going in that one juror would be kicked out? Even if you did know, it sucks that you wasted all that time, kind judge notwithstanding.

PATH! PATH! Ogod it is so wonderful. How amazing that the design *just fits*. Your neighbor is so jealous.

Pink Granite said...

LOVE the path!!!

The trial business is utter crap! Oh, I know, it's the rules and all, but seriously, it totally sucks pond water!
Mutual harrumphs from over here...

Welcome back to the real world!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Stomper, exactly.
Zoomie, sometimes it's just not going to happen, the mix just isn't right. Besides, Cora sounds just lovely.
Cookie, none of us really thought of it, t'would have been nice if they'd told us up front though.
As for the path the tiler was not only cute as a button but very good at what he does, I want him to tile our new bathroom and kitchen and end room (should we ever get around to it). O, the neighbourlady said this very afternoon, "I wish we'd gone with that now" :)
Lee, sucks pond water, yes, that's exactly it!

Sue said...

Shew - what a pain in the ass!!! I'd be seriously unhappy about that, what a waste of precious time! Seriously? Don't they need an odd number of voters anyway? Just in case?

I love the path and I think the full pattern is really effective. Sure you will be very happy every time Mr Brown leads you down the garden path...

Sue x

S said...

what a crock! Not the path tho - that is lovely.

e said...

How annoying, that's just a stupid system. There. I said it. And I love the path, it's awesome! You were able to get it done so well because of the girls keeping an eye on things.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sue, yes, a waste. But then it was a nice little holiday from work!
S, crock of pond water!
E, I shudder to think what sort of path we'd have ended up with if they hadn't been supervising!