Sunday, August 8

Mr Brown and I met a blogg pal today ...

... Roo, from LaLa Ween World, and his fella Peter.
Once again someone I've been chatting to for ages, and finally got to meet in meatspace, did not turn out to be an axe-murderer. Seems the Internet isn't such a mean-old, big scary place after all. Or perhaps it is, but only for foolish virgins.
High Tea was had, a few glasses of wine were consumed (Australian beer being too cold apparently :)) and a few stories were told.
I let slip to Roo what I actually do for a living, and forgot to kill him afterwards, so he'd better keep schtum or we'll visit, with Tigger!
In other news, on the way to High Tea Mr Brown bought a Tivo machine. We got home 7-ish, it's not 10 to 10. There's a lot of muttering and sounds of twiddling but no actual HOORAY yet. As I tweeted not so long ago, I'm glad it's not me setting it up, and I guess this means I'll have to keep Mr Brown for ever because I don't think there's a single bit of technology in this house I know how to drive anymore.


S said...

Oh I am glad, i would miss you should you be axed. What yummy cakes did the high tea have on offer?

Pink Granite said...

Yay & hurray!
It is fabulous when our worst fears drift off in a puff of smoke and the "strangers" who have become our virtual friends, turn out to be just as kind and just as much fun as we knew deep down they would be!

Congrats on the Tivo - and, much more importantly, on keeping such a fine (and useful) chap as Mr. Brown around!

cookiecrumb said...

Very nice indeed. And I'm jealous and still sorry I could not meet you myself last year in the USA. Rats.
(We have a tivo-esque service through our cable company. Lots and lots of reruns of House recorded.)

Roo said...

S - they where delicate scones, dinky sandwiches, and super delicate pastries. Along with a few glasses of wine, and good company, we couldn't have wished for a better welcome to Sydney.

Lee - now I'll have to start saving for the US ;o)

Morgan - huge thanks to you and Mr Morgan, I hope Tim the Tivo is up and running. It was lovely to meet up, and thanks for treating us to High Tea. Of course, the offer will always be reciprocated when you are our way xx

S said...

most excellent Roo ~ i do love a scone and wine.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S - we too are glad we weren't axed - it would have been most dismaying.
Lee - exactly :)
Cookie, never mind, we'll be back, you can count on it, perhaps even this december!
Roo - and tea, don't forget the tea! It was lovely to meet you in real life, and now when I read your blow it will come with dulcet northern tones :)
Tim (damnit, I preferred Thelonious) is up and running!

e said...

That is so awesome! I have made a few friends across the blogging world, and occasionally I get to meet them in person and so far have loved each one and we're even better friends. One day soon, I will visit Oz and will meet Ms. Mouse and Mr. Brown and the furries and I have no doubt I will adore you all. Yay blogosphere!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E I'm sure we'd all adore you too! The furry girls may even come out from hiding to meet you :)