Sunday, December 12

Egg & Bacon Pie ...

... I've posted about my egg and bacon pie a time or two.However, it's always been eaten before the money shot could be taken.I've posted before shots (and do so again, you're welcome), but never quite managed the sliced shot.
I offer this, the slice and the pie.If you have not made this before, Mr Brown and I recommend it to you. It's no fancy french-ified quiche. It's a solid wodge of workingmans' pie.
Enjoy, in moderation.


Roo said...

OH MY GOD - that looks fantastic!
Hmmmmmmmm... pie. Looks like a proper pie.

Anyhow, before I rush off and bake one, just been catching up.

Ya boo sucks to the man that laughed at you, huzzah for the lady that helped.
The toms are looking good, we had a good season too, no blight either.

Spider - how amazing is that, couldn't make out the 8 legs though.. or was that just me?

Coastline - with you all the way. If I was ever taken on a beach "lay back and tan" holiday I would have to claw out my eyes. Give me rock pools and spray and booming of waves any day.

Phew.. time for a coffee, Peter has just gone hunter gathering, I need to steel myself for ironing shirts.

Winkinatcha said...

LOLOLOL Ohh Mrs Brown Mouse, perhaps you should get Mr Mouse to explain the more common usage of the phrase "money shot" n understand why I am pissing myself laughing at yer (presumed) inadvertant use of a strong porn term.

ooooohh I am a bad man


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo - the last link has the how too, I used puff pastry but hot water (like for pork pies) would be good too. I have GOT to get myself one of those proper pork/game pie moulds.
Winks, I know, I know, I was being very rude!(Glad it made you laugh!)
Now off you go and wipe your seat :)

Zoomie said...

What an amazing piece of work! I've never seen anything quite like that. One could make it smaller, too, with fewer eggs and a regular pie plate. Hmmm, interesting idea for brunch with friends, or dinner for two.

cookiecrumb said...

Beautiful. Like a stained-glass window you can't see through. It's stunning, but sounds too rich for me. Maybe just a tiny slice. 13 eggs?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, I've made individual ones too, one egg and a couple of bits of ham.
Cookie, 12 eggs 12 slices of bacon, assorted minced herbs, salt n pepper. Not too rich really, not to someone who eats whole tubs of sour cream ;)

cookiecrumb said...

OK, well, I've got a really small loaf pan I could use for a half recipe. Gotta save room for the sour cream.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

And you don't have to eat it all yourself or all at once. I had a slice for breakfast ;)