Wednesday, December 15

That pie ...

... in the post before, it was made for a friend's birthday picnic on Sunday.
A picnic I didn't get to go to because while baking said pie I suffered a baking-related injury.
Yep, I fucked my back. First time ever. Bending down to get baking paper out of a bottom drawer.
My back went 'twang' and I thought to myself "hmmm, that feels funny" and continued on my merry way. Until, that is, I tried to bend over again. It quickly became apparent I would not be bending over again that day.
Nor the next, so the picnic was out.
Monday saw me still out of order, and so at home with plenty of kitteh nursing and pain-killers left over from Mr Brown's eye operations (yes, we horded, we are SO naughty).
Tuesday, after a day of very painful work, I popped down to my friendly local acupuncturist and was almost put to rights. I'm walking and getting up and down pretty well. Sitting for long periods is uncomfortable as is getting up after. But all in all, I'm on the mend I'd say.
Still, fark, this is old age creeping up on me isn't it?


S said...

Chiropractors are very good too. xxx

S said...

did you eat all the pie?

Zoomie said...

I tweaked my back this week, too, and am being very careful with it currently. But, is it old age creeping in - nah! You're far too young.

Urban Koda said...

I'm still salivating from that last post... I think egg and bacon pie is going to have to be served in the Koda household soon.

Hope your back gets better soon though... I doubt it's old age, just something got tweaked. It's amazing how resilient us humans are, and yet so fragile that baking paper can screw us up!

cookiecrumb said...

I hope you're on the mend! "Twang" sounds bad.
Take care, baby.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk about old age, my daughter. That makes me even older than I want to be. I love you, even with a bendy back. themother

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S, Mr Brown would KILL me if I went to a chiropractor - I went to my lovely acupuncturist, I love her. And yes, over several days, we did indeed eat all the pie!
Zoomie, perhaps it's just letting me know what to expect in old age :)
UK, noice new pic! Do try the pie, it's easy and yummy. Bloody backs!
Cookie, taking care and mending, slowly.
Mama! I hate to break it to you, but you're my dear, sweet, little Grey-haired mother you know :)

Pink Granite said...

You are just a spring chicken Kiddo!
My back has been going out on me from time to time ever since my trampoline injury in high school - you know, back in the dark ages!
Keep feeling better...
- Lee

P.S. Dear Mother of Ms. Mouse,
Would you consider adopting a daughter who is, well, a little long in the tooth?
No rush on a decision.
I shall live in hope.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I feel old :(

Anonymous said...

Little Pink Granite, I collect daughters like mad. I made two, acquired one when my son married, and would be delighted to get plenty more. The Brown Mouse and her sisters will share, I am sure.

Pink Granite said...

Dear Mother of Ms. Mouse,
Thank you!
I am absolutely delighted - really!
Merry Christmas from your newest (but likely eldest) daughter...
- Lee