Saturday, June 9

Bloody hell, we needed rain but ...

... this is too much. People are dying, actually dying. Boats are being run aground. People are being evacuated and the rest of us are being encouraged to stay home. Our little trip to see my mum & dad has been cancelled because they haven't any hot water, electricity or phones.
Enough of the bad, where we are it's wet, but not dangerous. You can hear the ferns just lapping the rain up and the garden glimmers & glows. But I'm guessing most New South Welshmen are thinking a little blue sky wouldn't go amiss about now.


Anonymous said...

Rain rain rain - my folks just had 2 inches in 48 hours and when I rang, my dad was laughing he was so happy. They have a rainwater tank for their drinking water. When it runs out, they have no drinking water. It was very low.
I'm sorry to hear about your mum's predicament Missy Mousorama. Horrid.
Desalination is all I can say. Why isn't the federal govt moving forward on that? Are the NIMBY's halting the nuclear plant theory?? Or is it just that it costs a gazzillion dollars & no one has enough money to pay?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

oooh too hard to say - I'm a bit of a fan of the tank myself (found a bladder one that could go under the house, am investigating). Ma's got the electrics back so, if the weir isn't too high, we may go visit afterall!