Saturday, June 9

Barista Brown ...

... lookie what was on my coffee cup this morning. He used a chinagraph pencil.

Dinner at the Ottoman last night was wonderful, I can't say what we had because we did the 10-course degustion menu (the best option when everything sounds so good you just can't make up your mind). I do remember that every single thing tasted amazing, fresh, strong wonderful flavours.
Full as googs (goog = googie egg = egg, and there's not much fuller than an egg) and because it stopped pissbucketing down rain, at the end we went for a little walk round to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and looked at the water for a bit.
My sister sent me a beautiful wee box made of Purple Gidgee (acacia crombiei) wood - parts of the wood go purple over time, exposed to light, the one on the left shows this a bit. A gorgeous pair of green earrings came in the box so I wore them to dinner and nearly lost them 3 times - they kept leaping out of my ears - once onto the floor at dinner, once on the pier outside and again on the bedroom floor. Mr Brown is going to take to them with some pliers or some such, to render them more ear safe.


cookiecrumb said...

Happy birthday.
So cool about your coffee cup being marked with the proper name... not Mucus.

Anonymous said...

oooo la!!! happy birthday !!! i agree with cookie - how nice that mister brown wrote your whole name on your mug - and with a chinagraph what's more, he is a keeper that one :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ta Ms Crumb, I confess I don't think I'd like it overly much if folk started calling me Mucus full time!
Crikey CAW - don't tell him that, his head may swell & he'd not make it out the door.