Sunday, September 10

So, we're home ...

... after our little adventure in freezing (actual real-life freezing - bright & sunny but with a wind straight off the Snowy Mountains that cut through to the marrow of your inner-most bones) Canberra.
We had STEAK at the Canberra Club for Mr Brown's Mum's birthday dinner - (the Canberra Club, Canberra's first licensed club which only let women be members in the last 20 or so years - I can remember there being a fuss about that when growing up). Mr Brown & his sisters, Sinister & Dexter, used to lunch there once a month (on Sundays) with their Mum & Dad (whom all suspect voted against letting those pesky women become members) - quite the family tradition.
I didn't manage to get a bath in, bugger it. There's no tub at the Brown-Mouse House, visits home & hotels are the only way I get my watery fixes now - that puddle at the bottome of the garden is looking quite tempting. I did get to take lots of nice photies of the ancestral home. (that orange house is not it. That's one across the road, but it's our front garden).

That's it below.

I'll have to go back when Spring makes it way back home, it looks lovely in the Spring. AND I've brought back my doll house & a wad of old school reports (boy, will I blog about THOSE later) and pictures drawn by bebe mouse!
And on the way home(ish) we stopped at the Bison shop where I bought a rather lovely acid yellow stoneware vase. In which I've displayed the last of the flars from the garden.

Oh, and it's STILL RAINING.

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