Monday, September 11

I've been donating blood ...

... since I was 18 and it has finally paid off (well, the free hotdogs after the draining are also pretty good)!
The Red Cross shouted me (& Mr Brown even though he refuses to give a single drop of the red stuff) to the movies. A preview of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

And bugger me if I haven't gone & formed a grudging respect for a politician. There was nothing surprising , except for the fact that such a prominent American politician was speaking so strongly and passionately on the subject of saving the planet from the naked ape. But still, it was powerful stuff. Of course my cynic nature makes me wonder if Mr Gore might be considering running for office again. If he doesn't, if he actually means all that he says, I may have a new hero.
At the end there was a sort of credit thing that said I should have a chat to my parents about ruining the planet - consider yourself admonished mumkins!


caw said...

hey, if the Red X is gonna send you to a film, let it be this one. im a gore fan after watching this .. altho, not a big fan of tipper, his wife.
what kind of name is tipper anyhow? sounds like a danish teapot.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'm with you on the Tippster - blurry stoopid name, like Buffy or Miffy (I went to school with a Miffy - she was - gasp - blonde).