Saturday, September 9

Rain ...

There is a small stream running down one side of our yard, it fills a wee lake at the bottom of the garden.Ping is not impressed, but I am hoping for ducks.
We are off to Canberra in a tick, to be nice to our Mums. Twas Mr Brown's Mum's birthday not long ago so there's a nod to that. My Mum is abandoning my childhood home & said "come and get your shit or I'm selling it on ebay" (well, something like that anyway, more motherly language was possibly used in the forming of this sentence).
I shall miss that house, just about every pet, bar the horse, we've ever had is buried there. Mostly under trees - which explains why the house had a slight jungle look about it, until the big fires and recent years of drought. Sigh.

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