Tuesday, July 4

Birthday treats

Tis my little sister's birthday tomorrow, so I made up a wee gift package of lovely things, as is tradition.
First I made a couple of tetrahedral pouches to put the lovely things in.
I'd been wanting to make some of these for ages, ever since I saw then on mediatinker.
The lovely things were some earrings made by my friend the alpaca farmer,
and some delicious chocolates from Belle Fleur down the road a piece in Balmain.
All packed in pretty pink tissue paper and posted off today.
I trust Australia Post won't let me down or squash the box.
Oh, and go check out Ping & her Kitty Pi, the little sister helped a bit with that.


caw said...

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv these adorable baggies, what a clever clog you are. Are they difficult to make (asks shes, sans Bernina - wondering about handstitching such a wonderous item) ....

Anonymous said...

I was actually thinking of wipping one up for you anyhoo, special grey handmade felt on order and everything!

caw said...

Reeeeeally? Oooo la! I feel very posh! You have ordered the felt even??

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well, truth be told the little sister is donating it as she happened to have it spare! but the lining is here already,very special, japanese even!

caw said...

Japanese? Soopah! You must be telepathic - our place is decoed in a Japanese & Chinese fashion.

Of course, we choose to overlook the many years of historical conflict between the two cultures in order to achieve such a divine mix of furniture & decoration (I know, I'm such a shallow & transparent piece of work). LOL

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Whatever makes you happy I say, the brown mouse household is a very eclectic mix of odds & sodds indeed - a shrine to my inner turmoil, monotonal Vs bright colours, minimalism Vs packed to the gills - bit like me really.