Monday, July 3

Cooking cat tongues

I fancied making something different on Sunday, but nothing too effortful as Mr Brown & I had indulged in a VERY long lunch indeed with some old/new friends (old for him, new for me).
So I gave the Chocolate & Zucchini langues de chat au vert recipe a go.Of course I didn't have any green tea powder so I went the plain vanilla option but they turned out very well.The squeezing them out of a bag bit was kind of fun (but I was so keen to get them into the oven I forgot to take a pic of the pre-cooked langues - suffice to say they spread out a bit when heated).Crisp round the edges, moist and chewy in the centre and they smell divine.Ping was very tempted indeed!(No, come on, really, how could I resist a picture of a cat with a langues de chat?? Ping was a most willing participant & she & Mr Brown shared the mixing bowl at the end of proceedings).
Test run sucess, I'll be making more of these!


caw said...

LOL. For the briefest and most shocking moment, I actually thougth this post really was about kitty kat tongues - der me!

But looking at the yummies, they really DO look like cat tongues.

I LOVE the pic of Ping having a lickky at the bikkie, very funny. You know she is the cutest wee pusskat on earth?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well I knew that but it's nice to hear that someone else thinks so too.