Friday, June 9

Perhaps wiser ...

T'was my birthday yesterday and it didn't rain all day, the sun even came out.
Little sister & the wee niece sent me a parcel of goodies (a care package from home) containing the fluffiest socks in the world and a gnome (the niece goes to one of those alternative schools where they worship gnomes).Ping pounced on and chewed both - she went into a sniffing frenzy with the gnome, possibly because it is stuffed with sheep fleece. Also there were some carefully selected fancy smancy chocolates - pounced on and chewed by Mr Brown (& me) in a frenzy when returned from dinner at the Temple of Love. We had Sassy's Duck & Satchmo's Squid & a lovely bottle of wine and walked over the Pyrmont Bridge in the freezing cold. T'was a lovely night after a lovely day.Mr Brown gave me a dangerous new kitchen toy - a pressure cooker (t'was my birthday wish!) and we tested it on some beans - it took 8 minutes! No soaking! Take that bastard Coles that no longer stocks my favourite tinned Italian beans - I don't need YOU anymore!
Girls from work (old job, not the newbie) called and said come for birthday Yum Cha, so I did, mmmmm, and they shouted me. That's two celebration Yum Cha's I've not had to pay for. I may forget how to open my wallet.
Today it's raining again so we are off to see the Viking exhibition at the Maritime Museum & perhaps fish & chippies for lunch! Nothing like stretching you birthday out into a whole week.

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