Saturday, July 8


One of my favourite things ...
Belle Fleur, a long enough walk from home to work off any damage.
Kimberly, ohh, almost just at the end of the street, tres dangerous.
Colefax, you could walk to Haberfield from our house, but I suspect it would be a day trip, better off taking the car.
Vanderwee, not far from the office and lovely.
Lindt, ohhhh, the Lindt Cafe at Martin Place, venue of many a sneak-out-early-from-work afternoon tea.
Max Brenner, the queues are a pain but the suckao is worth it.Oh, looking back that's quite a lot of shops I spend too much time in really. But look, a sort of club for those of us who like it dark & a little bitter.


caw said...

Hey, I'm loving the chocolate appreciation classes at Kimberley. I'd do one of those in a shot.

You do know that choccie that is dark & a little bitter is insanely good for you? My good friend, Chester The Bear, said so - therefore it must be true. He knows all sorts of clever things.

Dark & a little bitter is my fave. Blergh to that creamy milky cadbury muck. Would rather eat my own head than force some Double Decker rubbish thru my gritted teeth.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Totally agree with you on the dark and a little bitter & yes it is good for you in moderation (not by the bag like Mr Brown scoffs). Also good for you is vin rouge! OUI - the news just gets better and better.
We often drive past Kimberly and see the light on late, with people sitting in circles in the front room, plan to join them one day.