Thursday, June 22

Ohhh, lookie

Bibliodyssey is at it again.

It's been raining and raining for the past few days, grey skys filled with tatty clouds.
Upside is the Cockatoos who sat on the telegraph poles at the tram station yesterday glowed white against the grey sky. The sat, one up to each pole, shrieking at each other, flashing their impressive sulfur crests at each other, and then then they flew off, calling rude Cockatoo insults to each other across the murky sky. Quite the spectacle while waiting for transport to a gloomy grey office.
Downside is all the rain is turning to poor wee lemon tree's leaves yellow. Mr Brown has given it a dose of something good for lemon trees but word is lemon trees all over Sydney are turning yellow and dropping leaves like ... well autumn leaves!

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