Friday, June 23

View of a bridge (NOT)

It was very very foggy this morning.Generally the view from the steps leading down to the station is a pretty impressive one of city scape & bridges - this morning the fog blanketed it over. That was pretty in its own way though, and eerily quiet - apart from the car horns and celebratory yells that carried up all the way from Norton St. Football fans, excited about something or other!


caw said...

OH MY! Could we please have some of the fog? It is sweltering over here ... hot, dry days crawling up into the 40s and staying there until 8pm at night. Blergh.
Apparently August is the hottest month here so that's something to look forward to ... (not).

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'll see if I can catch some in a bottle for you. Was foggy again this morning but it cleared away by the time I got up for breakfast (10ish) all outside is quite damp though.

caw said...

Pliz, yes - some fog and rain would be just dandy over here.

Tomorrow it will be 43 degrees - I have to wear a 7mm thick DOUBLE full length wet suit with a neoprene hood, gloves, boots, fins, BC, mask, snorkel and all sorts of other crap. Shit. By the time I get in the water to do the open water certification thing, I will have died from heat exhaustion.

If you have some snow for export, that would be pretty fine too :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Perhaps my mummy can harvest you some Canberry frost to stuff down the suit sos you don't get too hot!