Tuesday, May 23

Not very impressed

with the new accommodations (new job remember). Rather grim and gloomy, who'd ever have thought I'd miss the facilities back where I used to work?.
All a bit new and beastly at the moment but I'll not say anything yet. ALWAYS give a new job a month before you make up your mind about it - otherwise you may end up talking to old people (who tell you exactly how old they are and then add, "I'm too old to have to deal with this) all day about "what the legislation says". Believe me, I speak (type) from experience!

On a completely different note, it's RAINED 2 days in a row. Not all day mind but there's been real actual rainfall with assorted thunder and stuff too - most exciting.


caw said...

... but do you have a view??

Anonymous said...

Noooo - as the newbie they put me in the darkest skankiest corner. You remember where I used to sit, before we all moved to your side of the office? Well it's only just better than that. No where near as good as my lovely possie by the window - pfft. AND the stationary cupboard - bare-er than Old Mother Hubbard's !

caw said...

Oh crikey. Well, at least you're in Japan sitting at an empty desk like a member of the window tribe eh? Glad you won the wrestling match over your other goodies ;)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers, I walked the chair across Park St, got quite a few stares! Never taken a chair for a walk outside before, was quite fun.