Wednesday, May 24

A small war won

Well, at least I get to have my nice big (non-crapulant) chair and wee keyboard (narrow shoulders see) brought over from my old place of work to my new place of work. And this is the scary bit, this means I'm going to have the best chair in the whole office! It must be time to get some pics to put up, the place is depressing me. A friend sent me this, pretty much sums it up at the moment. No idea where it came from or who to acknowledge, but tar!


caw said...

LOL, love it. Chester emailed it to me. It's the biz, eh.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

oui - tis indeed. I'm sitting in my big bum chair & have my teeny wee keyboard plugged in. There's a picture of Ping and Small on he wall reminding me why I come into work every day (to buy food for them and provide them with a home, complete with tree and heater on in winter). Simple eh?