Sunday, May 21

So lovely

The poetry is not particularly my kind of thing but the illustrations, gawd oh crikey oh, so lovely! Go look at the rest.


caw said...

omg these are beautiful - how ever did you find them??

Reminds me of the big remembrance candles at the local Indian store - even tho the religious nuttery painted on the candles is not my bag, the illustrations make it worth the purchase. They are to die for. (hence the name .. Remembrance Candles..LOL)

Anonymous said...

I had a friend (she died) who appeared to be most non-religious and collected all sorts of fabo religo-kitch. When she died she insisted on the full on whole deal catholic death mass - I'm still not entirely sure if it was a joke or not - music was beautiful though.
Hehe,I brought Mr Brown a glow in the dark set of rosary beads all the way from rome, when I spent our honeymoon there (with my MUM!)