Saturday, April 29

A shocking confession ...

from Mr Brown last night, while we were eating fish pie (I remembered the eggies this time) and watching FridaynightcrimeontheABC - he told me that he was in the Chess Club at school and also played War Games. You know the kind with the little figurines, the rolling of dice, the endless tactical discussions. He did qualify this confession with a "but I didn't play Dungeons & Dragons". Thank goodness for that.
It is for this reason I'm glad we were never high school sweeties.

Our footsies in the sand somewhere.

Ohh lookie, pretty & it's called Morgan!

Right, now I'm off to make bikkies.


caw said...

ooooo. No D&D but did Mr Brown play Doom?????

Ms Brown Mouse said...

No thank gooden-ness and he plays no games at all nowdays, cept for sailing. As for me, when I was growing up most games ended in tears and bruises - nuff said.