Friday, April 28

If ever Mr Brown & I were to produce loin fruit ...

& said loin fruit turned out to be one of those penis-enhanced models - we'd call it (yes, yes alright, Him) James Broughton. This is because of Mr Brown's Great Uncle Broughton.
Broughton was in the Army & fought in New Guinea during World War 2. He went missing. His mum was told was he missing & presumed dead. His mum did not accept this and went down to the wharves every day & watched all the returning soldiers coming down the gangplank, looking for Broughton.
One day Broughton was one of the returning soldiers walking down the gangplank. Assisted down the gangplank, he was straight-jacket material at the time. His mum was never told to expect him, there no warning, it was just lucky she didn't give up and was there, waiting. She took him home.
The war was not kind to Broughton, he suffered shell shock, battle fatigue or whatever it is they call it now. He was never the same on his return, he just lived a quiet life, no wife, no children and then he died.
For this reason, along with the fact that before the Vietnam War Australia's war dead were not brought home, I think this matter has been blown WAY out of all proportion. Broughton's mum didn't get a personal visit from the Defense Minister, nor was a demand to speak to the Prime Minister entertained (of course she would never have made such a demand). Broughton & his mum would, I believe, have been horrified by this circus.


caw said...

Yes, I see your point with that "Other Incident". It must have been devastating to see such a formerly strong able man mentally reduced to rubble. That's awful.
I expect there'd have been no "counselling" per se, no faffing, no fawning, no apologies from anyone for what happened - nothing. They just got on with things back then.
What would have happened to Broughton if his mother hadn't found him at the wharf?
What plans were at foot for him?
I applaud her resiliance and attitude.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

He would have been sent to a mental home - "they" may have told her about it eventually, perhaps not. I'm thinking of writing to the PM and suggesting he get on the phone and call each and every surviving relative of ever Australian soldier killed overseas EVER! Do you think he will?

caw said...

Good point. And no, he wouldn't would he. pffft. He can't even say the "S" word.