Sunday, April 23


Today we went into Balmain for brunch (I had to promise Mr Brown an eggie breakfast to make up for forgetting to put the boiled eggies in Friday night's fish pie dinner - he wanted me to pull off the mashed potato lid and put them in!). That was nice.
Then we went to Ikea to try to buy some decilitre measuring cups so I could bake more of Ilva's recipe's. None to be found - I guess they think Australians wouldn't use them. Failed miserably at finding a new bathroom cabinet too - that search continues.
While grocery shopping we discovered bananas are $8 a kilo! (still Australian grown though). And somehow I managed to spend $5 on 3 pears (they'd better be delicious).
Then Mr Brown built a little platform for the front of Ping's new thing (I was going to post a photie but the camera battery just DIED - Bugger).
Right now I'm looking out the back window & the clouds are an amazing pink & lilac (clearly I took this photie before I tried to take one of Ping's platform, I think the flash trying to light up the whole sky may have been too much for the poor thing).
I'm also freezing, my fingertips are blue, but we refuse to turn on the heater until after ANZAC day - it's just not the Australian way to acknowledge the cold weather until after the 25th (we just stick our fingers in our ears and go lalalalalala not cold, can't feel the cold).
Oh, & I learned all about toilet sweat. Isn't the interweb a lovely learning experience?

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