Sunday, July 17

Venice ...

... and Milan.
Today we leave Venice and head home, via a night in Milan.
I'm not going to miss the heat but I AM going to miss the room's fairies. The ones who keep bringing us fresh, clean towels and who make the bed with clean linen sheets, ironed, ever day. The ones who put down a little towel by the side of the bed when they come to turn down the sheets.
I need to be rich.
A long, rather dull train journey brought us to (hot as hades) Milan but at least the hotel was close by.
After going a little ape on Twitter, because I finally had internet connection again, and after obtaining some dinner & sightseeing advice from a Twerp, we headed out on public transport to visit a magnificent piece of stonework. The Duomo di Milano and surrounds.
We ooo-ed and ahhhh-ed and respectfully didn't take pictures inside even though we were itching too. We wandered around the Piazza del Duomo, boggling at it's size and beauty.
I found a pen shop, with a pen I desired a great deal, but it was closed.
We found a nice place to eat Veal Milanese (how could I not) and Osso Bucco and a final Aperol Spritz.
Tomorrow we get up at sparrow's fart, grab a train to the airport and beging the long, ardous journey home.
I hope I survive, I've had such a lovely time.


Zoomie said...

Thanks for taking me along. Loved it all.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, always a pleasure. Your turn next.

Pink Granite said...

Yes please!
To the room fairies that is!!!
Wonderful photos - love the ceilings and the feet!