Saturday, July 16

Venice ...

... day 7.
Today a trip to the museum of modern art was planned but somehow we missed a crucial crossing and by the time the error was discovered it was too hot and too far and too horrible to contemplate going back and trying again. We did, however, end up at the Galleria Franchetti Ca d’Oro, for some ancient art. And, as it turned out, some modern art mixed in, an exhibition on the second floor.
What a beautiful little palazzo it is, perfect for us we think, with fabulous views of the Grand Canal from the 2 or 3 huge balconies. And the wee court yard, perfection, and an ancient mosaic floor. The perfect spot to cool down after aimless wandering in the furnace-like streets outside.
And would you believe it? We stumbled upon yet another fabulous restaurant on the way back, Ristorante Fiaschetteria Toscana. This place is a member of the “Buona Accoglienza” Association of Restaurants (as was Al Covo), which apparently gurantees good food, typical of the region and excellent service. And, this place at least, lived up to it.
Magnificent seafood pasta for both of us, a beautiful glass of regional wine and, according to Mr Brown, an equal runner for the second-best dessert he’s ever eaten. My affragato was, disconcertingly, served in a bowl, but if that’s the only criticism you can come up with, I think the place is doing well. Very reasonably priced too, just to mention it, in case you were thinking of visiting.
On the way back, Mr Brown declared he could not take another step with his hair in the state it was. A haircut was called for and he would not be denied. And again, the fates seemed to be smiling upon us because there was Monika e Umberto salon where Umberto, hairstylist to the stars (no, really, he showed up pictures of himself cutting the hair of Mr Nick Nolte and with Naomi Campbell and some other movie star I didn’t actually know). It took 45 minutes of fussing with clippers and a real cut-throat razor, before Mr Brown was allowed to leave. Well that and E35! Still, as I always tell Mr Brown after one of MY haircuts, “it’s not just the scissors bit, it’s the entire experience”!
O, and we went past that ring in the window again, Materialmente, and guess what I have on my right hand, middle finger right now, as I type? Yep!
Dinner, we went back to Osteria San Marco, because I needed more of that salted cod dish and something on pasta!
O, and I bought some bright green sandals, because I had to, they called my name.

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e said...

It's all serendipitous perfection, isn't it? I'd like to see a picture of that ring, if you please.