Monday, July 18

Hello ....

.... We didn't fall in the Grand Canal and drown and we weren't kidnapped by Gypsies.
No, it's just that, despite spending millions and millions of Euro on wifi, Venice has crap wifi. It was available at the hotel, for about $1000 a minute, and even that gold-plated wifi dropped out all the time. Mr Brown used it a bit, to try to organise the boat pick up (o, yes, the crane that was to lift the container, containing the boats, onto the truck didn't turn up as arranged, we got that message after we'd arrived in Venice), but otherwise, we just lived a week without the internet!
I'd never have predicted it, but I survived!
Still, off to have a quick look at Milan, on a Sunday afternoon. We fly home tomorrow and, it we time it right, may be able to pick up our furry girls on the way home from the airport.
I'm ready to be home now, even if that means no more clean, ironed LINEN sheets, fresh every day!


Pink Granite said...

Wishing you both a safe, swift and completely uneventful journey home!!!
- Lee

cookiecrumb said...


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, thanks, I need exactly that.
Cookie, well Hello!!!

Wendy said...

safe journey homex

Sue said...

Thinking of you both and wishing you a safe journey home. That's always the best part about having been away - getting home again! Sleeping in your own bed again with your kitties keeping you warm. Safe travels

Sue X

Zoomie said...

Bon Homecoming!

e said...

You know you can survive without the intertubes for a week, but how inconvenient! Glad you'll be back online soon. Sounds like a great trip overall anyway, so I'm looking forward to hearing all about Venice.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Thanks Sue, we made it ... just.
Ta Zoomie.
E, survive yes, but there were times I twitched a little :)