Thursday, July 7

Gelato flavours tried so far ...

... Limone, Pistacchio, Frutti di Bosco, Pesca, Fragola, arancia rossa, Amarena (my absolute favourite), Melone, Nicciola, Lampone, Lime and Bicao.
Edited to add - And today, ACE (lemon, carrot & orange! Almost a healthfood).
Edited to add - And yesterday, Anguria (watermelon).


Zoomie said...

Glad you are feeling better. Gelato cures all.

Pink Granite said...

Can you upload some Gelato for us?
Pretty please?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, gelato does seem to be an excellent pickmeup :)
Lee, if I could I totally would :)

e said...

Perfect timing, I was about to ask about ice cream tastings. :o)