Thursday, July 7

Day 11 ...

... today I went to Riva del Garda, all by myself, on a ferry.
I saw a tower, which I did not climb (the Torre Apponale), a castle (la Rocca di Riva), which which was full of really cool stuff I was not allowed to take pictures of (it's the most amazing museum, the Museo di Riva, full history of the area but in Italian so I couldn't make much of it. Some beautiful art too), and the strangest reptile museum/zoo place I have ever seen.
Ooo, and I went relic hunting in a church (I'm pretty sure it was S Maria Assunta, but I've been wrong before), but failed to find any. It did, however, appear to have the "water of eternal life", what ever that is!

Then I came back to Malcesine and flunked finding the shop with the dainty watercolours task.
Still I did have some fun. As Lee said over in Twitter, nearly snot free AND a working toilet! Huzzah.


Zoomie said...

Love that beautiful shot down the nave of the church and the one of the harbor side. All lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Pink Granite said...

Congratulations on your solo adventure!
And continued gratitude for all the wonderful photographs.
- Lee

P.S. Is it wrong that I want countertops made out of the granite in the fountain/font???

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, it was so cool and quiet in there, I felt just a tiny bit naughty clicking away.
Lee, not in the least bit wrong, I'm sure you could find it somewhere.

e said...

I hate those museums with the most amazing stuff that you can't photograph. I mean, I guess I understand it because of the flash photography and most people being morons and not knowing how to turn the flash off, but STILL!

Swans, geese, ducks - all we need now are spiders.