Saturday, July 9

Day 12 ...

... was going to be a day trip to Garda, but when I got up there was the most torrential rain storm. No way was I going (a) out in it, (b) in a ferry in it. So, I stayed home. Booked a couple of tours in Venice. Panicked about getting from the train statinon to the hotel in Venice. Worried about how "tourist friendly" Venice would be after wonderful friendly Malcesine. Read a book for a bit.
Then, the other household sailing widow and I went to lunch and discovered Il Piccolo Mueso. A lovely little cafe, bar & tiny museum, with the most charming host, and his lovely dog (I LOVE how dog friendly this country is).
I also bought a small painting, not at Il Piccolo Mueso, but a small, hobbity cave place just up the road, Via Castello. A little water colour to remind us of this lovely little town.

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Zoomie said...

Sounds like a lovely day despite the rain. You are clearly making the most of your trip, no matter the hurdles.