Saturday, July 9

Day 13 ...

... I did go to Garda!
I wish I hadn't. After being charmed by Limone, Gardone and Riva, I just assumed everywhere was the same. Garda is a much bigger town, much more crowded and, to be honest, rather a lot like Darling Harbour back home.
To be fair, it did seem to be Market Day, which basically meant the place looked like the tatty and vile Paddy's Market had vomited itself right along the waterfront. Cheap crap you could get anywhere on tacky stalls. Horrid.
I did find some food stalls, right at the back, but thought it prudent not to buy a whole prosciutto or an entire wheel of parmigiano-Reggiano. Even with the appetites in the household, much would be wasted.
The local castle was miles and miles away, and no bus to get me there, and despite the map I obtained at the local uffici comunali, I couldn't find any of the palaces or villas I'd read of.
*sad face*
So, I snapped a few pics, trying to keep out the crowds, and walked along the waterfront, had a lovely lunch of pappardelle with wild mushrooms, and went home.


Pink Granite said...

You clearly made the best of it!
Well done!

e said...

Looks lovely from the pics.

Zoomie said...

Love the coot with her funny, ugly chick. You certainly found some lovely spots to photograph, even if the town itself was a letdown.