Saturday, July 9

Last night ...

... we had planned a night sail on the oldest boat on Lake Garda. Only Mr Brown didn't get back from sailing on time.
Still, when he did come back we ran away together, without the others, and went to the most wonderful restaurant, Enoteca, and had the most fabulous meal and drank fantastic wine. It was, only slightly expensive, and accordingly would have been vetoed by the loudest, cheapest member of the household (whose rule is no more than E5 for a bottle of wine), and it was just us. We could talk about things other than sailing and eat slowly and just relax.
I did take photos, because finally it was worth doing so, but on Mr Brown's blackberry, so they will have to be inserted when we get home (email, Italy and our email accounts do not get on).
Today the boats are packed back onto the container, tomorrow Mr Brown and I leave for Venice. I do hope Venice plays nicely with the Brown-Mice.
*crosses fingers*


Pink Granite said...

Running away with one's husband is always a good idea!

Have a wonderful time in Venice!

e said...

Venice will be crowded, but you'll love it. I recommend getting out no later than 6am, it's magical before it starts to bustle.

Zoomie said...

That was so wise - time alone together to enjoy life the way you choose. Heaven.