Monday, June 20

Who says the interweb is a horrid and dangerous place full of trolls ...

... because that shit just ain't true.
Late last week I was Twittering away about pens and a, relatively, new Twitter peep, @blues-junkie told me about his lovely ballpoint pen.
I said I really couldn't see myself going back to ballpoints, because I loved everything about fountain pens, inky fingers and all.
I received a little DM (direct message) would I like the twin fountain to his ballpoint? It was apparently just lying in a drawer, forlorn, unused.
Sure I would, not really thinking what I was saying yes to.
This is what I was saying yes to, a Caran d'Ache Ecridor Chevron.Is it not beautiful?This, from a man I've not met in real life, just because he thought I'd appreciate it.
This man, he be no troll, oh, no, not he.


Roo said...

I have a wonderful Caran d'Ache mechanical pencil, that I sit next to a Mont Blanc biro and Fountain pen. I love them!

How wonderful for him to offer, doesn't life just reaffirm itself is wondrous ways. Nice man!

cookiecrumb said...

This is how you got the pen? Fantastic; what a great pen-pal. I, too, am a believer in the Internet friend garden.
And a couple of people I know, me and Cranky, like that pen so much we might buy one. (If there's no one to send us his unused...)

Pink Granite said...

Just plain wow.
People rock.
Twitter rocks.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, it so does, and just when I was begining to wonder if the world was full of angry men too!
Cookie, he's a foodie too, I luff the interwebz
Lee, yep, big smile!

S said...

What a very wonderfully cool that there really are nice people in the world ~ even ones you haven't met yet!

e said...

I'm with Pink and you on this one, people are amazing. And the interwebs makes it easier for us amazing peeps to find each other. Lovely pen!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S & E, it's just so heart warming really, I'm quite touched. And it is a very, very lovely pen :)