Sunday, June 19

Tigger is SUCH a little sister ...

... she copies everything Pingu does.
Ping has always done this little raised-paw thing. A bit like a pointer but more curled. It's adorable, we considered it "Ping's Thing", rather like Toogie's little back foot stampy-dance.
Tigger does it too.
And Ping has always, every Winter, warmed herself by sitting right up alongside a heater vent. Last Winter Tigger did not. This Winter?


Roo said...

Hey hey

Bobster (our dog) always used to find the warm hot water pipes running under the floorboards and hunker down onto them... ;o)

cookiecrumb said...

I sat next to a heating vent for four years. A psychiatrist had to get involved. Hah! #true
I guess I didn't know Toogie. Sweetums.
Happy Pets Day to us all.

Pink Granite said...

Cassie rarely sits with all four paws down on the floor. She usually raises her front paw just a little and sometimes lifts it up higher and stretches it out to get our attention!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, my parents have in-slab heating and their cats lie tummies flat to the floor where the wires are :)
Cookie, jeebers, how cold was it where you were?
Lee - it's adorable the little paw thing. We get the stretched out pat on the leg when Ping wants our attention :)

e said...

Sooo cute!! Slab heating? That sounds so civilized. I want that.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - Slab heating isn't really very efficient (or so my parents report) but a warm floor is so lovely :)