Wednesday, June 22

We've not packed a thing ...

... though I've a vague, general idea what I'm taking. Too many pairs of shoes probably.
I've charged Rupert's battery and found a few essential cords.
I know where my passport is and the brief panic over Mr Brown's has been stamped down (by the wonderfully named Simonetta from the Italian Consulate).
We both have spending money and tickets.
I've just about cleared everything away at work *crosses fingers*
My research has been, reading Peter Ackroyd's Venice, reading an alternative-history vampire novel in which folk pissed themselves a lot, and watching Francesco da Mosto's doco on Venice on! Otherwise, I'm winging it.
Fuck it, people plan holidays too much anyway. I'm for serendipity and happenstance *crosses fingers again*


cookiecrumb said...

I didn't plan at all for my first (and only) trip to Europe. Ended up in some very dog towns. Italy was perfect, though. Every minute, every inch of Italy. You'll be great.

e said...

You'll have a great time.