Thursday, June 23

Last night ....

.... on arriving home I went to check on Esmeralda, as I do every night, just to make sure she's still around. I couldn't find her.
This morning, as we left for work, we had a look in the cold clear morning light.
We found her poor little husk of a corpse on the porch, under the bench. Long, yellow knobbled legs curled up.
Mr Brown picked her up and we placed her under the Pomegranate tree, tucked up in leaf litter, under her spun gold nest.
Perhaps, in the Spring, one of those eggs will bring us Esmeralda II.
Vale Esmeralda.


Anonymous said...

Vale Esmerelda indeed. You love too much, little daughter. But that's what makes you so lovable. themother

cookiecrumb said...

Well, you know she did the right thing. Made her babies, and went to spider heaven.
Some spider!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ma, pish, I have a heart of stone, just ask everyone!
Cookie, I know, I do know, but still, she was so tiny :(

themother said...


S said...

o.. i am weeks late but that is sad...just like bloody Charlotte.