Saturday, December 18

Our baby, she's all grown up ...

... Little Miss Tigger has come into season for the first time. Finally.
She's just under a year old so she's very, very late. We were beginning to think a visit to the vet may be in order, to make sure all was well.
I suspect it's her size that's been the problem, she's only just now got to a weight where the whole thing kicks in. And boyoboy, has it kicked in, in a huge way.
She's howling like a banshee.
She's writhing all over the place.Touch the back of her neck and she 'presents' like a champion. bum up, tail to the side, back feet pedalling.Poor wee thing, addled with desire.It's off to the vet as soon as this dies down.


Zoomie said...

In this country we spay females before they come into heat for the first time. We had a lovely purebred Siamese female years ago, a seal point, who got out on the wrong night and came back full of six black kittens. They were adorable and we found good homes for all six - but then MaiLai went off to the vet, too!

cookiecrumb said...

Well, at least she can self-you-know-what.

Our Bartlett was to the vet today for a problem in her little lady parts. Antibiotics. (Spayed at eight weeks!)

Best wishes to little horny Tigger. Poor girl.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie we generally spay them here beforehand too - but Tigger was so very, very tiny I wanted to give her a chance to get as big as she could before we whipped out her tiny womb.
PS, Harry, my first cat that wasn't also my parents', he was the product of a liasion between a beautiful Siamese mum and the Maryborough panther (well, a big black cat anyway).

Cookie, yep, she can that, doesn't seem to satisfy though/ Poor Bartlett, I hope her bits are better soon.

e said...

Well I'm glad she's gotten big enough. I hope the yowling doesn't keep you up at night.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E it's over, it's finally over - Peace reigns once more.