Saturday, December 4

It was with trepidation ...

... that I stepped out into the garden this afternoon. What, with all this near-constant rain, I was fearful the tomato crop had zombiefied, like it did last year.Last year I thought the problem was I put them in too late. So they went in much earlier this year. It's rained almost every day now for well over a week, perhaps 2, so things did not bode well.However, fingers crossed, these little beauties are a sign of good things to come.


Zoomie said...

How do you define envy?

cookiecrumb said...

Beautiful! Yaaaayyy.
And you are beyond lucky that they didn't crack in the rain.
Mine are going in the ground in five months. :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie - :)
Cookie, I noes! I'm hovering like one of those over-anxious parents!

Pink Granite said...

They look gorgeous and delicious too!