Saturday, November 13

Zoomie asked for a kitteh update ...

... so here it is.* Tigger isn't getting any bigger. She's small but by no means a runt. Our Tiny Siamese Tiger can take care of herself.
* She has yet to come into season. This is slightly worrisome.
* She loves grass and will chomp for ages then come inside and vomit violently. It is the way of the cat clan.
* She's not nearly so naughty as she was. Well, not in an injury causing way anyway. Hardly any scratches or bites anymore, which is nice. Now and again, though, she just leans over and gives you a little nip. It's not anger, savagery or fighting, it's for pure naughtiness.
* She's daddy's girl, which is vexing to me, the person who feeds her and cleans up her messes and worries constantly that she's ok. Nope, I'm second best when it comes to Mr Brown. The minute she hears the ute pull in she RUNS to the front door to greet him, all dancing and purrs. It's his lap she chooses over mine, every single time. And she'll follow him anywhere chatting away in her funny little mwarks.
* She still adores Pingu, but is also a horrible tease. There are times when Miss Pingu and I are having a nice little read/snooze together and we hear Tigger's bell as she comes up the hall ... there's a definite "o ... here she comes moment" we share, and then POUNCE!
* She won't eat. Well she will eat, but only if food is fed to her one bit at a time and only if she thinks it's people food. Or if she thinks she's stealing it. So now, I pop her dinner in a bowl and pop the bowl on a high bench. Only Tigger jumps up to eat it and only if we aren't looking.
* She is, despite all this, a delight.* Pingu is still a hippo, though she is on a strict diet that makes for sad eyes and mournful cries.
* She's my girl, my lap is her first choice and it's me she comes to for cuddles. I suppose this is a fair division of furries.
* She's the best big sister a kitteh could have. Technically Tigger is no longer a 'kitten' but Pingu remains patient and stoic. She's much bigger and heavier and could easily best the tiny one, but she does not. That she does not amazes me.
* Ping is getting better at being a good girl outside. Not trustworthy, not by a long shot, but it's less fraught. She's getting better at giving up her skinks too.
* She remains, Pingu, the Wondercat.


Zoomie said...

Delightful pictures of your two felines lounging around in their padded basket. Thanks for the update - glad to hear all is well except that Tigger prefers Mr. Brown's lap. He's probably warmer than you - men tend to be.

cookiecrumb said...

I love your progress reports. Yay kitteh! Sounds like she passed the one-year milestone (has it been that long?). My puppeh is finally manageable, even cuddly and nice now, as of one year. Wow. So I share your feelings on this accomplishment.
And of course, Ping. Ping rocks.

Zee Poodle said...

Ping! Ping! and Tigger Ting! Loved this update and the squishy photos of the lovely girls. They look ever so comfy and happy - a credit to yours and Mr Brown's excellent care and love for them.

Tigger has incredibly blue eyes - or are my eyes playing tricks on me and her eyes are not in fact blue, but grey??

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, I think you're spot on with the warm lap thing.
Cookie, almost a year, she came to live here in April. I've told Ping she rocks, she plinked her eyes at me.
CAW - they're blue, bright cornflower blue.

Ro said...

Love the pics of your two cats. The fact that the older one is "Pingu" definitely brought to mind Pingu the penguin and his little sister squabbling over things in their ice hut. There's just something about younger siblings - they really do enjoy being little pests. :)

e said...

They are both adorable. And my Scimmia preferred being hand-fed too. I miss her still, even though she's been gone for 5 years. I love the updates too, I feel like their LA aunt.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ro, they do squabble, just like the penguins, but make up and snuggle :)
E - You ARE their LA Auntie :)

Sue said...

I love these photos, especially the first one. They are beautiful kitties :o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sue, legs akimbo! They make me smile.