Saturday, November 13

Idle time ...

... is essential, I believe. It's thinking time, the opportunity to mull over life, the universe and everything.
There are folk who believe it's important to be busy, to fill every imaginable second of their day with things to do. These are the people who keep telling you how busy they are, proclaim they're not enough hours in the day to get done what must get done, who express amazement that I have time to read, pootle, or do nothing but daydream.
They bemoan their exhaustion and confess, patronisingly, how wonderful it would be to find a little me time.
They are judging me, I know that. They think I'm lazy and their busy, filled-to-the-brim days make them far superior beings.
If these people really wanted me time they could find it.
If they took a good hard look at all the things they had to do I'm pretty damn sure they could weed out some of those tasks. I'm quite sure that many of those essential duties are not at all crucial. They are time fillers, activities designed to keep one in motion, not thinking.
Because if they stopped, did nothing, and began to think about things, they may have to acknowledge just how sad and empty their lives actually are.*
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Me? When I just lie back and do nothing at all I often find myself smiling and have to confess to myself that I'm actually quite happy, comfortable and content with life**. There's not much I'd change at all.

* This is not, of course, a rant against the genuinely can't get it all done folk, them I feel for and wish upon them much me time and soon!
** Except, obviously, when I'm being a moody cow grumbling about others :)


Zoomie said...

I like plenty of "me time," but it feels good to accomplish some little things each day, too. I think that's why I write a blog even tho' I'm retired. Gives me that little sense of daily accomplishment - before I head off to take my nap and read my book! :-)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, a love a good nap with a book, I don't think books get the rest they deserve ;)

e said...

You're too cute. I have to admit I have me time, but it never seems to be enough. I keep trying to remove things so that I'll have more time to lounge and read and be useless, and can't seem to get there. I used to be one of the people you mention. It's a hard habit to break. I think it doesn't help that I have 12 hour work days. Sigh.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E, sounds like you recognised the 'must be busy' problem and did something about it. (Me time is often kitty time :))

Sue said...

Shew... bring in the 6-year old child. Me time is after bedtime and before sun-up. I do crave me time and I do find ways in between life to just do nothing. It does wonders for the soul

Sue x

Roo said...

I'm with Zoomie - curling up with a book and a comfy chair.. who would resist!

Peter is going away for work early Dec, and while I will miss him, it will let me chill and listen to the house breathe ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sue, I'm glad you manage to find you time, even with everything you have on your plate, no me time is the path to madness.
Roo, I know exactly what you mean - you get the whole be to yourself too :)