Sunday, November 14

The furry girls are heat pigs ...

... Zoomie commented in the last post that perhaps Tigger preferred Mr Brown's lap to mine because he's warmer.
It's true, he runs very, very hot indeed, and I don't doubt the heat-seeking theory one bit.
Today, like yesterday, temps hit over 30 degrees (86 or so to my American friends) and where could you find them? Piled in a heap in their carpeted crow's nest, legs akimbo!
I repel all attempts at contact, human or animal, in this heat, and they want to snuggle.And this, this is the Tinker Tig, in the dining room window, stock still for ages and ages.
She'd spotted a bird on the chimney next door,


Zoomie said...

OMG, 86 is HOT! But, you're right, cats still want to snuggle at that heat. Check this out:

cookiecrumb said...

Best. Pictures. Ever.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie - 2 days of it but now it's cool and raining - Sydney weather does my head in.
I have a diagram of the cat thermometre!
Cookie - I love em, the toesies :)

e said...

LOL. Totally agree with Cookicrumb. LOVE the pictures. Awesome.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - now and again I forget to take pictures, I'm glad Zoomie prompted me.