Sunday, September 19

Terribly, terribly, terribly rude ...

... but, as Mr Minchin says, "if you build your fucking church on claims of fucking moral authority, and with threats of hell imposed on others in society, then you, you motherfuckers, should expect some fucking wrath, when it turns out you've been fucking us in our motherfucking asses".
That is all.

Actually, not all, here's Mr Minchin saying stuff I wish I'd come up with during arguments with folks wishing to impose upon one, their particular invisible friend.

I love a clever, wordy, rude boy!


Pink Granite said...

Thanks for providing some of the lyrics to the first one as it was very, very fast.
And the second one was excellent!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

It is fast, I had to listen many times to get just that!