Saturday, July 24

Lacroix, darling ...

...well, not really Lacroix, but Laguiole! Much better in my books.
My fight against same-same, matchy-matchy continues.
This time I attacked the cutlery drawer. We've had the same knives and forks and spoons for longer than we've been married. I'm a bit over them.
And so, when we spotted this sort of thing at a nice French restaurant we went to recently my google-scouring began.I found them at FrenchOnly.They arrived yesterday morning.This morning they were washed. And tonight they will be pressed into service.I think Zoomie will like the bees.And this is as close as you'll get to a photo of me on the interwebs! Now, of course, I want one of these.


Pink Granite said...

The colors are wonderful and your photos beat both websites by a country mile!

e said...

These are great! Nice find. And great photos, too.

cookiecrumb said...

Such joy. I TOTALLY love your choice. Love.
Just today, I bought two of the teensy, teensy spoons (in ivory) for an upcoming degustation. While I was in the store, I was temporarily distracted by sets of bamboo tableware. I resisted.
I love your stuff.
(The BEE!)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, You're too kind :) The colours make me smile at the cutlery drawer.
E - I was so glad I could find them at a reasonable price, they're about $500ish for 6 steak knives here, too much for a sensible girl like me ;)
Cookie, one day I'll show you my apostle teaspoons, little mummy-like men on 'poons!
Is it a caviar degustation, what you're getting the spoons for?
We're going to a game one on Tuesday, can't WAIT!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Also, yes, BEES!

Wendy said...

Love the cutlery. want some of my ownsome. will have to track some down. I have apostle spoons as well. they are my prize possessions along with some duck ones.
thanks for the invite

cookiecrumb said...

No, much nuttier than a caviar degustation. It's going to be an aperitif of fine olive oil with little greens in it. Totally nutty.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Wendy, there's a link in the post, should be cheaper for you, postagewise, given you're in the UK and all.
Cookie, interesting!
Our game degustation was canceled last night due to lack of interest :( I's so fucking disappointed and cross with Sydney folk who have no sense of dining adventure.