Monday, November 3

It's like living under water ...

... my ears are not functioning properly. Life is muffled. The ears are apparently blocked with impacted ear wax (erk). This is a relief because I thought I may have punctured my eardrum this morning. Hysterically thought that is, the sensible me noted there was no pain so this was unlikely. Still, a quick visit to a city GP was in order.
I've got stuff to melt away the problem, but in the meantime I feel distinctly weird, slightly sick, just not quite right. And this is to continue for days I am told!
So, remember people, never put anything larger than your elbow in your ear. Seriously.


Pink Granite said...

So glad it's nothing more serious.
So sorry it's icky, annoying and uncomfortable.
Apparently some folks produce more ear wax than others.
Thanks for the elbow advice...
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, ta - the elbow advice came from my Mum originally ;)

Zoomie said...

Oh, bummer! Your balance may be affected, too, so be careful. Hope you feel better soon!

e said...

How odd. I was just listening to something on NPR this morning about impacted ear wax (which apparently is not exactly wax, but dead skin cells and ... goo - I'll stick with wax, thanks). You're doing the right thing. Don't do the q-tip thing, it just packs it all the more tightly.

cookiecrumb said...

Where I live, I could NOT drop by a city GP "that day."
It's more like a hair salon here: Appointment? Three weeks? M'kay?
I don't even know what a city GP is. But I can guess.
God, we suck.
Superpower America!!!
Oops, Homeland Security is shutting down my blog.

Roo said...

Apparently hairy ears attract more wax - so I was told. Unfortunately I love shoving a q-tip in my lug, despite all the dire warnings... I know, what a rebel ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie - on the mend.
E - WAY more than I needed to know about ear secretions.
Cookie - by City GP I meant a health centre with Drs within walking distance of my office in the CBD - the first one I stopped in told me I could have an appointment "in a couple of hours", so I walked to the 2nd (3 minutes away), I got a GP in about 10-15 minutes. I'll make you totally jealous though, they bulk bill, so I didn't even have to pay! Tada - I do love Medicare!
Roo - I do NOT have hairy ears! And let my little adventure be a warning, don't stick things in your ears!
(hehee, stop it or you'll go blind!! - well deaf anyway)