Sunday, November 23

Celery harvest ...

... took place this afternoon, in between rain storms.
All harvested and chopped and cooked and bagged up and in the freezer for soups, stew bases, soup starters and whatnot. You'd think, from this picture, that I'd have filled the freezer and that we'd be living on celery for the rest of the year but no - an awful lot got composted I'm afraid.
Some sort of soft brown ickyness in about 60% of the stalks and loads of leaves, too much something in the soil I guess. Still, what I did salvage is very strongly celery flavoured so it wasn't a completely wasted experiment.
I don't think I'll bother with celery again next year. More room for something else - but what?


cookiecrumb said...

Oh, I'm with you. After my first crop of celery (last year) I decided not to grow it again. It's amazing, and very potent, but... Yup, room for something else.
Good for you for saving it.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

We learn from these things, perhaps I'll try for BIG eggplants next time, I've done ok with the little finger ones.