Monday, November 24

Vegetable Lace ...

... I appear to be hosting a feast for 3 different types of green wriggly, or perhaps it's just 3 life stages of the same kind of wriggly. I've been stamping the bastards since it became apparent they could swim (I'd been attempting to drown them in a rain-collecting receptacle), yuck.
I'm going to have to sweet-talk Mr Brown into building some sort of gauze cage for the brassica section if we're ever going to get to taste our own dark, iron-rich, leafy greens.
Well, that or start eating the wriggles.


cookiecrumb said...

Aw, poops, that's pretty bad. Mine aren't that bad, but they're lacy.
Are they green caterpiggles? We've seen a bunch of them on the patio this season (even crawling stupidly up the wall), but never on the brassica itself.
Food is hard. That's a quote from Barbie. Not.

e said...

Caterpiggles? I love that word. I'm now have to going to use it in a blog post.

And Ms. Mouse, sorry about the greens. Good luck with the stamping out.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

They are caterpiggles indeed, not the furry kind, though they do feel slightly velvety AND they are such a pretty green - NOT that that is going to save them though, die they will.
I've got a couple of broccls almost ready to pick (they only eat the leaves) but my Kale, just buggered to death.

Zoomie said...

They are likely the offspring of those pretty little white butterflies (called cabbage butterflies) you saw earlier in the season. If you can wait, just soak your greens/broccoli/whatever in a little salted water after harvest and the wrigglies will fall out then. Or just eat 'em - they are nearly 100% brassica in any case! :-)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Thanks for the hint Zoomie, there's nothing quite like finding half a grub in your dinner! Cheers.